Riyad started his career as a Music Composer & Singer in the year of 2013 in Bangladesh Music Industry with his first released song (Valobashi Tomay) in “The Hit Album 4″. It was placed as Hit in the chart. His first solo album “Osrujol” was released on end of July 2013. It was a successful album. He has been also working for Drama music/songs/singing. His solo “Mayajaal” was released on 2019 along with his another track “Ochena”. On 2020 his latest song “Nodi” was released as theme song for a drama named “Amar Kotha Ekbaro Vablena” .

Produced Albums: –

– Osrujol (Riyad’s 1st Solo album) -Year – 2013 Label: G-series
– Ojotha (Riyad’s 2nd Solo album) -Year – 2014 Label: G-series
– Bishonno (Riyad’s 3rd Solo album) -Year – 2015 Label: G-series
– The Hit Album 4 (mixed album. track #10) -Year -2013 Label: G-series

Produced single tracks:-

– “Mayajaal” Year – 2019 Label: G-series
– “Nodi” Year – 2020 Label: G-series
– “Sathiya” Year – 2019 Label: G-series
– “Ochenal” Year – 2019 Label: G-series
– “Abar Bangladesh” Its a theme song dedicated to Bangladesh Cricket Team for ICC world cup 2015.
– “Our Bangabandhu” Year -2015 for GOVT of Bangladesh (Media Partner: Jamuna TV- Lux show biz tonight)

Background Scores & songs for Drama / Short films: –

– Amar Kotha Ekbaro Vablena 2020 (title track)
– Saathiya (black & white film production)
– Shopno (black & white film production)
– Bakbakum valobasha (visual playground)
– The unfortunate journey (black & white film production)
– The case (black & white film production)
And many more…